SantaColor 100 35mm Film 36 Exposures


This film comes all the way from Finland – courtesy of Santa!


The film is a fine-grain, colour negative film compatible with the C41 process, yielding results with punchy reds and lush greens. It is more saturated than the Kodak Portra series, but less saturated and with a longer contrast curve than Kodak Ektar 100.


The film material is made in the USA and hand-spooled into reused canisters in Finland at the facilities of

  • Film type: Colour negative, air surveillance derived
  • Film speed: 100 ISO
  • Colours: Highly colour accurate with slightly increased red sensitivity. When scanned, typically on the warmer side and sometimes on the redder side.
  • Grain: Very fine, but made to create very sharp pictures as it is an air surveillance film

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